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Air Times

Canada – The CAVE: Thursdays at 9:30pm & 5:30am and Sundays at 11:00am, 8:pm & 1:30am

Body Fuel

Body Fuel is the first television series in Canada that focuses on maximizing fitness results through the use of food and supplements. With an award winning executive chef, professional sports trainers, nutritionists and bio-scientist, the series will provide simple solutions to diet and exercise.

Body Fuel is set to explode onto Men TV airwaves in February 2010!

Weight resistance training has become more popular and accessible to the average person who wants to stay fit and develop muscularity. Body Fuel is a practical, lifestyle television program that reveals how foods and supplements impact our ability to create a sculpted, defined body. The program is about maximizing our fitness results by focusing on what we ingest and digest. We look at the role foods, liquids and supplements have on building strength. Not only will the series feature healthy, delicious, and easy to make meals but we will also consider the science behind the food and the efficiency of how we combine foods and supplements with an aim to build strength.



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